Summer Academic Courses

course finder button 300The UK has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence and for developing valuable career-relevant skills. Studying at a leading British boarding school, or receiving a degree from a well-respected UK university will place one ahead of many other students around the world when they graduate.Course Booking button 300

The admission criteria to world class universities vary considerably. Admission to the UK’s best universities is highly competitive, with less than 10% of applications may result in admission for the most competitive courses. While academic strength is a pre-requisite, it does not guarantee acceptance. As a serious applicant to UK’s leading universities, you need to be prepared.

To help ambitious, high-achieving international students prepare their study at one of the top leading independent schools, enter a top UK University, experience the study life of a British independent school, and live like an Oxbridge undergraduate, our summer academic courses offer the following exclusive academic summer courses at renowned Cambridge and Oxford Universities and other leading schools and colleges. Click pictures below for details of each programme.

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