Summer Specialty Camps

course finder button 300Summer Specialty Camps include a range of non-traditional summer courses such as  Global Young Leaders, English and Coding,  English and Adventures, English and Arts Summer Camps, as well as two exclusive summer camps offering industry and academic accredited qualifications.Course Booking button 300

These unique summer specialty camps aim to help children cultivate their  potentials and interests, encourage them to be creative and expressive, and focus on developing their creative talents through professional instructions, workshops, practice and substantial activities.

As with all English language summer courses, an English programme is featured in all our summer specialty programmes, except Global Young Leaders, to help international students gain confidence in communicating with other campers as well as improve their English language proficiency skills while attending a summer camp abroad. Outside of full day immersion with English and specialised activities, the evening programmes are also geared towards recreational activities and team-building exercises.

We pride ourselves in representing some of the best summer camps in the UK. Click the pictures below for details of these great Summer Specialty courses.

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