Why Summer School is Invaluable for Children?

Summer education is vital to all children. Research has confirmed that a differential “summer setback” occurs to disadvantaged children who get less educational support in summers, while middle-class children’s learning is reinforced in the summer months through various summer educational programmes.

The summer school education programmes are considered as supplementary education out of school, where children benefit from the experiences, learning and interactions from attending summer education programmes. Among all other education benefits, a good international summer programme offers young children an exclusive opportunity for self-discovery and personal development. They get away from the inclusive care of the parents and step into the world of independence, where they meet new people, explore the new world, try new things, learn new skills, challenge themselves, and enjoy their new identities of being who they are.

The new academic, social and emotional skills they acquired, as well as independence, confidence, self-esteem, and crucial 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, problem solving skills they developed through a summer programme, are crucial for children to succeed in work and life in the 21st century, where they will help children navigate diverse and complex situations, collaborate effectively with others, and cope with stress and change.

Due to limited space, we only list out the following Top 10 Reasons Why Summer School is Invaluable for Children:

  1. Personal Development
    An exclusive opportunity for young children stepping into the world of independence from the care of the parents for self-discovery and personal development.
  2. Improve English Skills
    Improve and sharpen English language skills through structured course programmes and full immersion in English environment.
  3. Academic Advancement
    Make positive effects to student’s academic achievement through great learning with fun opportunities.
  4. Expand Horizons
    Opportunity for children to challenge themselves and expand their horizons by trying new things, learning new skills and achieving new goals.
  5. Develop Lifelong Transferable Skills
    Develop important life skills, such as self-reliance, self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as social skills like communication, cooperation, respect, team work and tolerance.
  6. Experience British Campus Life
    Live, study and personally experience UK’s vibrant university campus life with full immersion in UK top school and university settings.
  7. Gain an Edge
    Engaging children’s minds and hands meaningfully with international peers to gain an edge over national peers during summer break.
  8. Make International Friends
    Meeting and making new friends from all over the world to broaden student’s international perspectives, and learn about different places and cultures.
  9. Prevent from Summer Setbacks
    Getting away from hanging around at home watching TV and playing video games all summer, to have fun and get healthy with a variety of awesome extra-curricular social, culture and recreational activities offered at the summer school.
  10. Whole Child Development
    Getting out of modern narrow world and connect to outside world with outdoor activities, expand children’s horizon and enrich their mind and perception of the world for healthy whole-child development – a great way to develop transferable 21st skills, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, etc.

Indeed, the benefits for children attending an international summer education programme are beyond listing. Just like what E. Gordon Gee, one of America’s most prominent higher education leaders, said in a conference keynote speech:

“To step outside the familiar is to enliven creativity that nourishes innovation and the intellectual life… From international experiences come globally-competent students, with critical thinking skills, technical expertise, and global awareness.” … “For what is travel to a faraway place but an immersion in the lessons of culture, communication, language, problem-solving, and teamwork? Students return imbued with the ability to value differences, build on commonalities, and to see what is beyond the horizon.”

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