Best New Year Gift for Children

course finder button 300What New Year Presents to Buy for Your Child? Every Christmas and New Year, parents face the dilemma of what presents they should buy for their children. While buying a new year gift for children is very specific to families and their individual circumstances, many parents consider buying something nice, useful and last longer, such as expensive electronic toys or luxury goods as a good choice, but thoughtful parents turn their eyes on educational gifts such as gadget to aid their child’s study. But what about buying your child a Gift of a Lifetime Summer Educational Experience in the UK? Yes, indeed, why not give your child an exclusive opportunity during summer holidays, to explore the new world, try new things, learn new skills, challenge themselves by stepping into the world of independence, and to live, study and personally experience vibrant British campus life with full English immersion in the world’s foremost universities of Oxford and Cambridge as well as famous Harrow School, where many children of the English upper and upper-middle classes were educated including Sir Winston Churchill… We have a wide range of summer school programmes tailored to the different age, needs and interest of the children, from general English language course to English plus specialty course, from elementary English level to advanced level. Click the pictures below for details of our summer courses. Get your child a best Gift that effects a lifetime this Christmas and New Year!  Read more on why you should buy your child a gift of a lifetime experience at one of the best summer schools in the UK, and why children around the globe come to our summer schools every year.

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